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Creative Back to School Lunchbox Tips

Creative Back to School Lunchbox Tips

With a hectic workweek mornings are tough! There’s never enough time, and you have to come up with creative ways for your kids to eat healthy wholesome food.

Mornings never have enough time? Need to get creative to get the kids to eat? Packing lunches can be difficult during a hectic workweek. So Red Sun Farms has rounded up some helpful tips to make back to school lunch packing a breeze!

Tip #1: Our Red Sun Farms mini cucumbers are the perfect snack size to pack in a lunchbox and dip in your favorite creamy vegetable dip.

Tip #2: Our exclusive Chef’s Collection tomatoes offer variety and convenience in one package. These flavorful, greenhouse grown tomatoes make for a quick lunchbox side.

Tip #3: Slices of sweet bell peppers, grilled chicken, and cheese can be prepared the night before school and rolled into a whole wheat wrap for a delicious and filling lunchtime main.

Tip #4: It’s hard to beat our Classic BLT recipe. Try switching up your routine adding additional toppings like sliced cucumbers, along hearty slices of tomato, and sliced avocado for added flavor and texture.

Tip #5: Bento boxes are easy to make, and fun to eat. Just like the restaurant serving style, you can fill your child’s lunchbox with a variety of foods. We suggest incorporating sliced seedless cucumbers, fresh fruits, your favorite cheeses and whole grains for a complete lunchbox meal.

For more Back-to-School recipes and lunchbox packing tips, check out our Packable Lunches pinboard!

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