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How You Can Help Save Our Monarchs

How You Can Help Save Our Monarchs

The monarch butterfly is an icon used on all packaging of our greenhouse grown produce as a symbol of the quality you’ve come to expect from us here at Red Sun Farms.

The monarch’s migration path begins in Ontario and spans over Lake Erie, through Leamington, Ontario, and the United States, ending in Central Mexico, mirroring the locations of our farming areas. Sadly, the monarch population is on a drastic decline, but you can help. We’ve partnered with the Save Our Monarchs Foundation, a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to saving these beautiful butterflies and creating habitats to ensure their survival.

Save Our Monarchs helps these butterflies by taking steps such as distributing milkweed seeds, the sole food source of the monarch butterfly. To celebrate our new partnership with Save Our Monarchs, you can support the cause when you purchase Red Sun Farms produce! Our Monarch Pearls have been outfitted with the Save Our Monarchs logo to showcase our support. Visit  to learn how to get involved or visit

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