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Six Meal Prep Tips for Busy Times

Six Meal Prep Tips for Busy Times

Let’s get real: it can be challenging to eat healthy on a regular basis. Between work, family life and ever-growing to-do lists, it’s easy to rely on takeout more than we should. Follow these six tips guaranteed to save you time while adding home cooked meals back on the menu.

  1. Plan your meals. Meal planning can lead to less impulse purchases and better use of your grocery purchases. Never planned your meals for the week? Start small with just planning what you’ll serve for dinner.
  2. Work ahead! Those who do meal prep will swear by it, as it can give you time later in the week when you need it. Cook a batch or two of whole grains, chop a couple of days’ worth of veggies, or make a double (or triple!) batch of a dish that keeps well, like Slow Cooker Lasagna.
  3. Slow cookers are our friends. They can keep cleanup and on-hands time to a minimum, allowing you to catch up on other to-dos or relax with family and friends. Check out our Slow Cooker Magic pinboard for inspiration, like Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup from Crí¨me De La Crumb.
  4. One-pot to the rescue! One pot meals have been all the rage in recent months, and for good reason: we could all stand to have a smaller stack of dishes to wash at the end of the night. Some of our favorites include One Pot Chicken Lo Mein from Produce for Kids and other tasty concoctions on our One-Pot Meals.
  5. Pack lunch ahead. Packable meals can usually be made in double or triple batches and help save you precious time in the morning. Take a look at a roundup of our favorite Packable Lunches.
  6. Keep it simple. If you’re already using the oven to roast fish or chicken, toss sweet bell peppers and grape tomatoes with olive oil and seasonings for an easy side. Breakfast for dinner on the menu? Mix chopped tomatoes with scrambled eggs and serve with whole grain toast and all-fruit jelly. Still aim for half your plate to be fruits and veggies, without making complicated sides.

Need a little help to get started? Our friends at Produce for Better Health have developed a two week meal planning guide with meals that include enough fruits and vegetables to meet your family’s daily recommendation. After you complete the second week, share with us your plans for Week 3! Meal Planning Guide: Download Week 1 Meal Planning Guide: Download Week 2