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Spread the Love with Handmade Gifts

Spread the Love with Handmade Gifts

With Christmas less than a month away you may still have a few last-minute gifts to get. The kids are getting anxious for Santa’s arrival and maybe you just want to give something a little more personal and meaningful.

Edible gifts are some of our favorites. You can’t go wrong with anything canned homemade, whether it be vegetable soup in a jar, pepper jellies, or even preserved produce, a homemade gift means more to those who receive them, so let’s get started.

Your preserved vegetables are a great gift with a festive ribbon or a nice touch of holiday fabric, to cover the lid. Everyone loves eating produce off season. However, many may not have the time to can. If you have time, check out this amazing Sweet Pepper Conserved in Oil. This goes great with our Red Sun Farms Sweet Bell Peppers. Feel free to add other herbs to the mix to change up the flavors.

What about Soup in a Jar? The holidays always bring on one or two family or friends who may be under the weather so, we like to keep a few of these kits from the Farm Girl Gab on hand for anyone who may come down with the sniffles. We pack this soup in a bag or basket with either our canned tomatoes or some fresh produce. A couple of large soup mugs, some slippers, and a cozy blanket, just what the doctor order.

Is it even the holidays if you don’t have a cheese platter? We think not! And fear not we have the perfect Holiday addition that will ensure all your friends, and family will have an unforgettable appetizer that will be talked about for parties to come. Say thank you to Jamie Oliver for this Cheeky Chili Pepper Chutney.

Let’s make jam! Our Red Sun Farms Yellow Pepper Jam would make a great gift for anyone on your list. With a sweet and savory flavor profile. This would be another great addition to your holiday cheese platter.

For things that may be a little more creative, or for that special recipient, try your hand at flavored salts with pieces of dried sweet bell pepper flakes, or cucumber infused vodka, for the foodies in our group.


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