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Summertime Eats for your Mini Me's

Summertime Eats for your Mini Me's

School is out, and the kids are home; and here’s a list of appetizing items for when the kiddos go looking for a snack.

First things first, always wash your produce before you go to use it or prep it. The Wellness Mama has an incredible DIY produce wash and food preserver on a budget so it’s ready for your snack prep.   

Next create the ultimate healthy snack drawer in your fridge. Cut up cucumbers, and peppers and put them in little baggies. Take cherry, grape or even a few cocktail tomatoes and put them in little containers for the kids. As a suggestion divide out some hummus or dressing so they can have something to dip into Nurture My Gut has some great way to create “The Ultimate Self-Serve Snack Drawer for Busy Families”.

Some other great snack ideas to have on hand are:

  • Cucumber slices – as sandwich bread; pair them with slices of meat and cheese for a veggie enhanced sandwich.
  • Savory Pepper Muffins
  • Baja Breakfast Burritos
  • Salsa’s and dips – they are packed with veggies, and can be eaten with cut up veggies as dippers or chips.
  • Bottles of water or a pitcher – the kids will be playing outside. With this warm weather, not only do we want to keep them well fed, but also well hydrated.
  • Rainbow Veggie Pinwheels are another great lunch or snack to have premade for the kids, with rainbow colored veggies, cream cheese in a spinach tortilla wrap they are appealing to the eye and packed with veggie goodness.
  • Chocolaty Avocado Protein Fudgesicles – we all need a little chocolate in our lives, and healthy chocolate is a guilt free chocolate solution.

Check out our pinboards for other summertime eats ideas and tell us; what are some of the things you do to keep your kids eating well during summer vacation?