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Tomato Myths & Facts

Tomato Myths & Facts

 Think you know everything there is to know about tomatoes? Red Sun Farms is unveiling the biggest myths and facts around tomatoes. After these myths are busted, you’ll be well on your way to being a tomato expert!

Myth #1: Tomatoes should be refrigerated. Refrigeration will actually break down the tomato, leaving it to lose its firm composure and tastes less sweet. Read more on produce tips from our growers at Red Sun Farms.

Myth #2: Greenhouses require more water than field tomato production. Greenhouse tomato production actually uses up to five times LESS water than open field tomato production! Take a look inside our greenhouses.

Myth #3: Tomatoes should be stored in direct sunlight. Tomatoes are delicate and begin to ripen as soon as they are picked off the vine. Exposing them to sunlight will cause their skin to dehydrate and give you a less firm tomato.

Myth #4: Tomatoes are vegetables. Tomatoes are in the nightshade produce category and are actually considered a fruit.

Myth #5: Under ripened tomatoes will ripen faster in the windowsill. Light is unnecessary; humidity and temperature are what play key roles in the ripening process.

Myth #6: Tomatoes contain high levels of sodium. Tomatoes are extremely low in calories, with only 22 calories in a medium-sized tomato, and they are very low in sodium.

Myth #7: Using a non-serrated knife to cut tomatoes helps keep juices intact. Using a serrated knife and slicing tomatoes lengthwise rather than crosswise will retain the shape of the tomato and preserve all juices.

Myth #8: You shouldn’t store your tomatoes in a paper bag. If your tomatoes aren’t ripened as much as you would like, storing them in a paper bag at room temperature will help to preserve the fresh earthy flavor.

Myth #9: Ladybugs are harmful to growing tomato plants. Beneficial insects, such as wasps, mites, and ladybugs, help control the unwanted bugs from ruining the tomato plants. Read more about how we use insects vs. pesticides to keep our greenhouses organic.

Myth #10: Tomato plants can only grow horizontally. At Red Sun Farms, our innovative greenhouses are designed to use vertical space for growing our tomato plants! Watch these videos to learn more.

Myth #11: Tomatoes are only grown June-September. Here at Red Sun Farms, our tomatoes are high in nutritional value and are available in several different varieties all year long.  

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