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Welcome Back Pep!

Welcome Back Pep!

Red Sun Farms,


Pepper your trusty elf is back! I drove in this morning from the North Pole, thanks for letting me borrow your truck. Santa was telling me all the things you’ve been doing this year, you’ve opened up a warehouse in the west, you planted over an acre of milkweed seeds; you’ve got a new website, not to mention you’ve expanded your team. Wow, what a year!

I’m so happy to come back to help, and look I’ve brought help! My sister Scarlet has tagged along joined me this year, she really loved the stories I told her about your greenhouses and couldn’t wait to meet you. Scarlet is very artsy so be sure to use her for all your creative projects!  I personally cannot wait to roll up my sleeves & help in the greenhouse!

Put us to work, we love hanging out with the team! You know Santa loves seeing all the fun things you do at Red Sun Farms, and he can’t wait to see what surprises you have in store for 2018!