Beer Beef and Tomato Stew

Beer Beef and Tomato Stew

The warming effects of a full-bodied stew make cool fall and cold winter nights feel like a warm summers day. Cook it on the stove top or in the slow cooker while you're away at work. It's a hearty dinner or lunch option and makes a complete meal

Prep time: 20 min

Total time: 2hrs 50 min

Skill level: Easy

What You'll Need


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Place a large saucepan that is also able to go in the oven (Dutch oven) on medium-high heat. Add the olive oil or butter. Add the beef and brown the meat. Season with sea salt and pepper. Remove from the pan and set aside.
  3. Add the onion and stir until it is cooked and lightly browned.
  4. Add the flour and stir. Pour in the beer and bring to a boil to cook off the alcohol.
  5. Allow the beer to deglaze the pan.
  6. Add the broth, bay leaf, thyme beef, carrots, and celery to the pan.
  7. Cover with a lid and bake for 2 hours.
  8. Add the potatoes and continue to cook until the potatoes are soft.
  9. Add the tomatoes, peppers, and spinach. Continue to cook until soft. Taste and add more sea salt and pepper if needed. Remove bay leaf.
  10. Add the parsley. Scoop into bowls and serve.

Option: This can be made in a slow cooker – follow the instructions for your machine. Don’t add the tomatoes, peppers, spinach, or parsley until the end.

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